Educators, emergency service providers, and employee/victim assistance workers are facing increasingly challenging situations in their daily work lives. They need a combination of specialized training and professional support to effectively manage these complex demands. Canuckcare's expertise ensures that conflict is defused, trauma is handled with sensitivity and healing can begin.

Moreover, our customized system of training, education, consultation and mediation achieves tangible results on your terms.


Police Governance
Fact Finding / Consulting
Victim Services
Emergency Services
Bereavement Grief Counselling / Training
Employment Assistance Programs
Services for the Legal Profession

Police Governance
Canuckcare operates independently and in complete confidentiality, advising Police Services Boards, Administrators and Police Associations on issues concerning the Police Services Act. We help to clarify the role of Police Services Boards and accelerate problem resolution through formal or informal intervention.

Fact Finding/Consulting
Fact-finding is a highly unique service in which Canuckcare conducts research for our clients, and then assists them in making decisions based on the new information. This service is available to organizations in both the private and the public sectors.

Victim Services
Canuckcare believes in being proactive and responsive to the complex needs of victims. We work closely with the victims' movement to provide effective training for professionals dealing with survivors of trauma, as well as post-traumatic stress and its effects. For many businesses and governments in Canada, the US and the UK, we are the Trainers of Choice.

Emergency Services
Our crisis response and grief counselling services to emergency personnel (police officers, firefighters, healthcare providers) are certified by the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists and The National Organization for Victim Assistance in Washington, DC. We even train the trainers so that our clients can learn to heal their own employees. Canuckcare¹s training helps professionals to cope with the tense and potentially volatile situations they confront on a daily basis. Our services include crisis intervention, death notification and media relations.

Recent years have seen an increase in the number of dangerous and violent incidents in the education system. The demands placed on educators are high and require specialized training in identification, intervention and prevention of traumatic events. We¹ve drawn on years of experience in the police services and training of Trauma Response Teams to define a specialized program for educators.

Bereavement/Grief Counselling and Training
Canuckcare has developed a training model to address the need for sensitive and compassionate notification of death or traumatic incidents. We welcome the opportunity to train others in this critical area.

Employee Assistance Programs
Employee assistance programs find specialized support and training with Canuckcare. The result? Increased productivity, improved employee morale and decreased absenteeism in the workplace.

Services for the Legal Profession
We specialize in providing research and consultation for law firms in the area of law enforcement, civilian oversight and related fields including expert opinion evidence.

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